**My Summer with Rewrite** by Zainab Gill

Throughout my summer with Rewrite, I have participated in Rewrite’s summer theatre production and I have been given the pleasure of attending a further trip to watch the play Yerma at the Young Vic. I was also a participant in the Horniman Museum’s workshop – where I also volunteered to help out at the following week. Through my first experience with Rewrite I had been given the opportunity to work on my performance skills and also perform outside my comfort zone- as I was given a character in which I found quite challenging to perform as. The trip to watch “Yerma” was a truly heart-felt performance in which reflected the life of a women, who unfortunately was struggling to have children. This play allowed me to have more knowledge about an extremely important topic all women who want children, fear about but it also gave me an insight of how to perform better as an actress.


Our final trip to the Horniman Museum was amazing as we were given a workshop in which we played Brazilian instruments such as the Agogô mostly used in samba music and Brazilian dance etc. We were able to view the wonderful art work, gardens and history in the museum and I later had the opportunity of volunteering at a Rewrite workshop to help adults and children have fun at the museum with historical items. In conclusion, I would say the greatest part of being a part of Rewrite’s summer activities was being able to meet new people and gain more amazing friends. Thank you Rewrite for giving me a holiday full of activities I will always remember and be grateful for!