Jobs & Volunteering



We’re are not currently hiring.

We advertise all job opportunities here, so if there aren’t any suitable vacancies at the moment, please do check again in the future.


Volunteers make a vital contribution in helping Rewrite achieve its aims and objectives. Rewrite is committed to involving volunteers directly within the organisation to:

• Form our board of management
• Contribute to the delivery of our services
• Provide different skills and perspectives
• Offer opportunities for participation by people who might otherwise be excluded, as supported by our equal opportunities policy.

We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to support our projects. If you would like to get involved in our work please contact Francesca at [email protected] or on 07575743103.

“My experience with Rewrite has been fantastic. I’ve felt thoroughly valued and supported throughout. It has been great to see firsthand the positive impact the sessions have on the young people attending and has also been crucial for my own personal development as a theatre practitioner.”
Louise de Froment, Volunteer