Rewrite featured in Global Fund for Children’s ‘Declaration of Interdependence’

Today, we’re proud to be featured in the Global Fund for Children’s ‘Declaration of Interdependence’, published in the Huffington Post UK. The GFC advocates a grassroots response to the ‪Refugee Crisis‬ by supporting and linking local organisations such as Rewrite:
Community-based, community-focused organizations add distinct and unique value to a comprehensive and relevant programmatic response. We have much to offer, and our profiles are distinct from those of governmental, institutional, national, and international entities. We are small but mighty. We have what it takes.”
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Volunteer reflections: words from Jack Young

Jack is undertaking an MA in Multilingualism, Linguistics and Education at Goldsmiths and has been volunteering on our core Free Writers project and our EYFS Creative ESOL project at Henry Fawcett Primary School where he works. The support he has given our children and young people this term is invaluable and we can’t thank him enough. As one final request we asked him to reflect on his experiences on the projects… Continue reading